February 3, 2023 by Clyde

在三月 在你最意想不到的时候,总有个下午,大雾席卷而来 就像是一道屏障,他刚好垂到街灯那么高,将一切拦腰斩断,像一把白剑真是神奇,房子没有了屋顶,树枝失去了枝干,圣路易大教堂的尖顶也不见了,街上的行人都没有了脑袋,肩膀以上一切都消失了,在杰克逊广场上只能看到一具具无头尸体走来走去,撞到一起他们就问候说:"家里人都好吗"

in March there's always an afternoon, when you least expect it,a roof of fog comes down, a barrier,that hangs just below the street lamps and cuts everything.Like a white sword. lt's magic ! The houses lose their top floors, trees lose their branches,St Louis Cathedral loses its spires and the passers-by their heads.From the neck up, everything disappears.All you can see in Jackson Square is a bunch of decapitated bodies,stumbling about and greeting each other.''Everyone all right at home ?''




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